Monday, August 28, 2023

The Long Awaited News: Owen Is Here!

This update will probably just be a bunch of baby pictures! The summary of my life right now is that things are going really well! Owen James was born July 13th (on our four year anniversary). He is healthy, beautiful, and just so fun. I love being his mom.

He lets us get some sleep so Jon and I are feeling pretty good overall. I've been recovering really well and so far I feel as normal as I can even though my whole world has shifted. Here's some photos in no real order.

Last week we started to get our first real smiles!

One of our favorite photos to meme.

Jon is loving being a dad and is doing the best job taking care of both of us!

The last six and a half weeks have been so so sweet. Today is my first day back at work half-time. I'm actually writing this while my baby sleeps in my arms (sorry for any typos!). I won't say I'm not emotional and nervous to be back at work but I am really excited to get to be around my students again. I've gotten to see some at church and talk to a few here and there and every time I get so excited to get to raise Owen with them as we work to follow Jesus' lead on campus. God has blessed me immensely that He would invite me into ministering with him on campus and to my son. I would love your prayers as I navigate this new balancing act!

Love y'all, praying for y'all!

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