Monday, December 2, 2019

November: Keep FOCUS Growing to Support These Cool Things!

Hello friends! Merry Christmas!
I hope you are all well and ready for the holidays! I sent a note about our Keep FOCUS Growing fundraiser last week so I just want to remind you that the day to give is today! I will be posting a fundraiser on Facebook that you can give to. Remember, we have $36,000 on the line - if we can raise that much collectively, it will be automatically doubled. That means your support goes even further! You can also give through our website at If you would like to give but aren't quite prepared to donate tomorrow, that's okay! You can email our wonderful admin team at and make a pledge to give. Your pledge will still go towards our matching funds.
Here's a quick update from November:

These are the sweet, sweet girls I get to spend time with every week. This is my peer team! These girls dedicate so much of their time to investing in students on campus and in our community. Crystal (next to me) is my co-facilitator for our core (small group). She is in her senior year of school and in the midst of figuring out her plans after graduation, Crystal has grown so much in letting God lead her in getting to know and love people intentionally. She is quick to look out for people who can often be overlooked and make them feel included. What a fun and consistent friend she's been to our community! Jessica (to the right of Crystal) just transferred from our FOCUS ministry over at Collin college and has consistently been such a joy to get to know. Jess is one of those who has learned to adapt quickly and thoughtfully to new environments. The Lord has shaped her into a very intentional and kind woman and our community has been so blessed by her. Coral (next to Jess) has been a sweet friend to me for a couple of years now. She was in my core my senior year - her freshman year - and God has been shining through her for so long now. I love getting to spend more time with her this year! She's grown so much in being bold and letting the Lord lead her out of her comfort zone and to opportunities that usher in his kingdom. 

Jess and I put together some care packages to hand out to the homeless.

This is Katelyne! I've had the privilege of studying the Bible with her this semester, and it's really been a treat! I've loved getting to know her and seeing her desire for the Lord. 

And here is our whole community at Pizza Theology! We got to delve into the topic and secularism and humanism and what a healthy worldview for a Christian looks like. It was such a helpful session to get us thinking and talking about what we believe and where that comes from. 

Ways to Pray:
- pray for our students as they finish up the semester and go into break. Finals are tough and in some ways, breaks can be even tougher. Pray that we can use our free time well to rest and to serve, and not to waste. 
- pray for Keep FOCUS Growing and for God to provide in big ways.

Love y'all!
- Reagann Smith

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