Tuesday, January 7, 2020

December: Flipping the Page

Happy New Year! I hope y'all have had a wonderful Christmas season. For anyone whose lives revolve around the school calendar - are y'all ready to be back to a routine? I know I am: I really do crave regularity after a couple of weeks. However, I do enjoy the break to reset, refresh, and organize my life. I love the sense of starting fresh, flipping the page, and beginning again. And God has been so faithful in this space to give me rest and peace. Here's what went on in December!!

Our core ended the semester with a friendsgiving dinner and encouragement night. What a sweet time with these girls who have become my friends! 

We had our annual Christmas party for our Denton community and this year we tried something a little different - blanket forts! 

Each core had to work together to build a fort that would stay up. Here's our core's fort! Our theme was Snow Day, hence the snowflakes and Christmas tree. 

Jessica and Coral's core (the other core in my peer team) have named themselves COREn-on-the-Cob. So obviously they had to use that theme for their fort! I just loved their creativity to use colored sleeping bags and a scarecrow for their structure! Also, notice how each of them is wearing yellow and/or green. So fun!

During set up, Ryan was causing a fire hazard.

We really did have a blast ending the semester together even if it was a hectic week!

Photo Dump

Here are a few other happenings from Christmas break and such. 

Throwback! Some of y'all may remember Ryan (left) and Brittany (the beautiful bride) from last year. We were apprentices together in Denton and developed a really sweet friendship. And now we are all married! Congrats Brittany and thanks for including me!

The obligatory wedding picture with my husband!

Sweet Jess and whatever I was looking at.

Jon and I got the chance to Peppa-sit over break. Y'all, meet Peppa, Kristen and Pedro's dog! She was a perfect angel and now I desperately want a dog. Don't worry, we're waiting until summer to be smart about it.
We had a wonderful first married Christmas!
Christmas eve and morning were spent with my parents watching movies and eating pizza.

And most of Christmas evening was spent with Jon's family. I loved getting to know them more!

Ways to Pray

- For our students as they get ready to come back to school and routine.]
- For Winter Camp!!! This is the biggest event we put on all year and it can really have such a good impact on our community. This is where all of our campuses get together for a long weekend to spend time in prayer, worship, learning, and fellowship before the semester really gets going. 

You guys have been such a blessing to me in ministry and in life, thank you for each of the ways you support and encourage me. Let me know if there's any specific way I can be praying for you!
Reagann Smith

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