Sunday, November 3, 2019

October: Fall is Here and it Brought All of the Events

Hello, there! October was jam packed with lots of happenings so let's get to the important stuff - the pictures!

My core finally took a core picture! Here are some of the wonderful women I get to spend every week with! There's a couple missing but these girls have been so fun to build friendships with and pursue Jesus together. 

Fall Camp

We brought so much food and stuff to camp.
We had our annual Fall Camp where our whole Denton community takes 24 hours to spend together at a retreat center worshipping God and building community together. We played group games and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We talked a lot about the importance of community and how to build that into our lives as Christians.
During one of the sessions, Garrett talked about how Jesus calls us to give up everything and surrender our whole lives to Him. What often happens when we give Jesus our lives is that He gives our lives back to the people around us and calls us to serve them sacrificially. What a great opportunity we have but man is this tough for me!

Our core had a great time together!! What sweet friends they are to me.

Leadership Conference

FOCUS and the family of churches that helps support FOCUS gets together every year for a leadership conference where we spend a whole day exploring a particular topic that's important to developing as leaders. This year's topic was Creativity and Innovation. The whole day was so interesting but one talk in particular was really helpful to me. Sarah Worsham, a campus pastor for UTA, gave a talk over the characteristics of Gen Z - what drives them as a generation and what they're dealing with. This was so helpful for me because, while I'm probably technically a millennial, I'm close enough to Gen Z that I can relate to how they think and see the world. Along with that, most college students now are solidly in this generation so I work with them daily. This is a generation that craves security and safety, largely because they've seen a lot of terror in the world and their parents have tried to project them from it. Sarah talked about how a lot of that is a natural response and, maybe instead of shaming Gen Z for this desire for safety, we as the Church can offer them security in Jesus. Even in the few weeks since the leadership conference, I've been able to have really interesting conversations with students about having our identity and security rooted in Jesus and from there, being able to face discomfort, pain, and suffering when it comes. God is doing some really cool things to build up a group of students that can remain steadfast like He is steadfast!


We put on an outreach event at UNT on Halloween where we handed out hot chocolate (perfect for such a cold day!) and candy and played lawn games. It was such a fun time!

Ways to Pray

Please join me in prayer for:
- Our community to grow in steadfastness.
- My fundraising. I'm about $100/mo short of my minimum and would love to reach and even surpass that.
- Pizza Theology that's coming up this month!

I'm so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you who has invested in me in some way. Your support means so much. I literally couldn't do this without your prayers and financial support!

Love y'all,
Reags S

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