Tuesday, June 4, 2019

May: The End and the Beginning

The apprenticeship is officially over. This was such a wonderful experience that allowed the Lord to really stretch me and increase my faith. Thank you all for your prayers, support, and encouragement that has really carried me through these ten months. 
I'm so excited for this next chapter. I'm excited to stay on staff, to get married, and to continue to watch the Lord work in this small corner of His kingdom. But before I get ahead of myself, here's what happened in May!

Here's the Denton crew at the border of Canada!

SICM - Student Institute of Campus Ministry

Most of this month was taken up by preparing to go to SICM, SICM itself, and recovering from SICM. The Student Institute of Campus Ministry is hosted by another college ministry up in Bellingham, Washington. Every year, we send a bunch of students from all of our campuses who we see as having the potential to be leaders and disciple makers. I went as a student three years ago and this year I got the chance to go back as a staff member! It was encouraging to get to hang out with a great group of students. They are so fun and goofy! I also very much appreciated getting to sit in on the sessions as they helped me reflect over the year and be refreshed in my ministry. Here's a whole bunch of pictures from the trip!

In Seattle bay area with Darby, Kristen, Drew, Ben, Ryan, Ben, and Chris. 

Sally and Sara in the Chinatown area of Seattle!

We took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island. I've now traveled by plane, bus, car, taxi, ferry, and monorail and most of those happened on this trip!

Joseph, Crystal, Savanah, Luisa, Sam, Devon, and me from left to right at Whatcom Falls Park. What an absolutely beautiful area!

Me, Luisa, and Sam next to some beautiful falls.

Savanah and me when everyone else left us.

Y'all. I got to hold a purple starfish at Larabee National Park!

Me, Kristen, and Shayla at the Peace Arch on the border of Canada.

Kristen and I at Larabee. It was so beautiful and peaceful there!

During the week, we visited the FNF put on by the ministry that hosts SICM.

Seriously, such a fun crew!

Our last day was spent outside at the beautiful Camp Firwood. And we only had one canoe tip over!

I love Drew and Darby in this picture but also notice Allan in the back, showing off!
SICM really was a great way to end the apprenticeship. I'm so blessed to be a part of this community that is intentional, loving, and fun. God is doing some really amazing things in the hearts of these students and in me. Thank you for supporting me through these ten months, I couldn't have done it without each of you. I'm very much looking forward to this next year and continuing to be a part these students' lives. 


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