Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April: I'm engaged!!

Happy May, friends! The last month of the apprenticeship is here! Thank you for going on this journey with me and for supporting me in a variety of ways along the way. 

First things first!

Jon and I got engaged!!! In just a few short months, this man is going to be my husband. I couldn't be more excited to marry him! 

If you'd like to check out our registry, we are registered on Amazon right now!


All the Events

The Denton apprentices are cool, y'all! (And we get this reference.)
Spring Showcase went so well! Thank you for praying for that and showing up if you could! I had a lot of fun being on the staff side of things. I got to see how so many moving pieces come together to make a really cool show and fundraiser for these young leaders! 

As an outreach event, we hosted Bubble Soccer on campus! If y'all have never heard of this, basically you play a friendly game of soccer like normal except you're inside a giant bubble donut. That means you can ram people as hard you want and they will probably survive! At one point, Ryan and I went head-to-head and he knocked me back enough so that I went completely upside down and got stuck with my legs in the air! Really that was the highlight of my week. 

We also hosted Bubble Soccer off campus at a nearby park and this is the crew that showed up!

Random Pictures!

Our leader team finally got a cool picture. Love them so much!

Sweet Aileen and Jacy. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting them this year and getting to be friends with them!

Ways to pray

- pray for the students to finish up the year well!
- pray for our staff (and me) as we enter this season of fundraising. Pray for us to see how the Lord is working and to join Him there.
- pray for Jon and me as we go through this wedding season and get ready to start our next chapter together

Let me know how I can pray for you!
Love y'all so so much!

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