Wednesday, June 9, 2021

May: Summer is Here!

 Happy June, y'all!

Here's a cute dog picture just for you!

This Month In Ministry

We had our end of year picnic! This was our time to celebrate the year and look back on what God has done. 

My core!!

Our staff had to take a picture in the golden light. Love these guys!

The summer activities are kicking in! We started having Summer FOCUS, which is where all of our campuses get together to worship God and hang out together. 

I also started a casual workout group with some students a couple times a week! We watch kickboxing youtube videos in my garage and sweat a lot.

Ways to Pray

Please be praying for NCTC. North Central Texas College is the community college for Denton county and they built a new campus building right in the middle of downtown a couple of years ago. We are hoping to be able to get on the campus to do ministry this year. So far, the security team and the student life department hasn't been super open to things that promote student life. NCTC campuses are kind of known for that, they tend to make organizations jump through hoops to do anything. And right now, they are very strict about non-students being in the building, so much so that our staff is considering taking classes just so we can meet students. We're trying to set up time with the student life director so they can know who we are and what we're trying to accomplish. Prayers for that meeting to happen and go well would be much appreciated!

Love y'all!

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