Friday, June 28, 2024

June Update

I hope you're having a great summer and staying cool! Things slow down for our ministry in summer so I'm focused on fundraising, resting, and spending time with Owen. 

Soaking up the last month before this boy turns one, he's already thinking about driving though!

Instead of doing a ton of events in Denton, we try to help the people who have stayed in town connect with other campuses. This mainly happens through Summer FOCUS - our fellowship night but it includes all of our ministries across the metroplex. I love getting to see people get connected and form friendships with new people there! We've been talking about Embracing Life, fully engaging with God and people. I think these ideas are sticking with the students and with me. One night, we talked about Embracing God and that struck me. It's hard to really sit with God and let him love me. That kind of intimacy is intimidating but I'm becoming more convinced that God loves us that much. Like a dad with their kid, he wants to hold and love us. I'm still wrestling with that one!

I'm 88% fundraised! I've been super blessed by so many who want to be a part of ministry in this way. Thank you for praying! If you haven't had a chance to consider joining my support team or even increasing you're giving, here's a little reminder. But i just so deeply appreciate you being interested enough to read these little updates and maybe even praying with me for these students. Thank you for being here!

Here's a testimony from one of our TWU girls!!

Love y'all!

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