Thursday, November 30, 2023

Another Month Down (and a Keep FOCUS Growing Update!)

Our Keep FOCUS Growing fundraiser is wrapping up and we're so close to our goal! If you would like to help us close the gap, you can give at

Owen's Adventures in November

Our women's leader team continues to impress me. They give up so much of their time and resources so they can minister to other students on their campus and they do it gladly, often with the attitude of "how could I not?' They are hard workers learning to juggle school and family and friends and ministry and jobs all at once. And they volunteer to lead in our ministry, how cool is that??

Our staff dedicated a day to spend some time resting and sabbathing together out at Grapevine Lake. It was chilly but Owen felt refreshed. I've been relearning how to spend time with God as I navigate being a mom. It's challenging because I'm pretty task-oriented. God has reminded me again and again He is with me and He is patient, which is so kind and gracious.

I'm so grateful for the people I work with. And a bonus that they love my kid so much!

Owen loves to watch people talk about their lives, He'll give you so much attention for about 30 seconds.

Love y'all!

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