Monday, February 7, 2022

Winter Camp and Other Random Updates!

I'm praying this update finds each of you well, warm, and safe after our little winter storm!

I can't wait to share with the the things that have been happening!


We get to have Showcase this year! Each year hundreds of our college students are invited to attend the Student Institute of Campus Ministry where they learn the foundations of being student missionaries on their campus. To help fund this leadership opportunity FOCUS proudly hosts an annual benefit concert and artisan market. You can purchase at I hope to see you and your loved ones there!

What's been happening?!

So much! The start of the semester has already been hectic but sooo good! We got to start the semester off with Winter Camp! This is one of our biggest events where we go out to Sky Ranch for a long weekend and get to retreat from our daily lives to connect with God and build better friendships with each other! This year we had a guest speaker, Rikk Watts, a professor from Regent College. We've actually used a lot of him materials and classes in the past during our apprenticeship classes to study Biblical Theology and the New Testament. Rikk is a talented speaker but he is firstly a pastor who just gets so excited to tell people about Jesus. If you'd like to listen to his talks, you can go to Winter camp is also a huge way we build community!

Micaela and I painted rocks together!

Some girls from the cabin!

I'm not sure if this video will work but I spent a lot of time up in the sound booth so this was taken during one of our worship sets. One of our apprentices led us in a dance to help us practice worship in more diverse ways!

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to but this really was such a life-giving time. Students are still processing through the things God revealed to them and many of them are more equipped to be disciples than before!


Two weeks after Winter Camp, my peer team had a sleep over!! I just love hanging out with these girls. We played that one game where candy is wrapped up in plastic wrap and you have to get it open with oven mitts on, which was hilarious! And of course we did face masks, had snacks, and watched a movie! Then in the morning, we did a sabbath activity together.

Sabbath has been on my mind a lot recently. I know I need that regular extended time to take a break from my efforts and connect with the Lord. Relaxation and Biblical rest are different (and both can be good) but I often seek relaxation and even to turn off my brain before I go to the One who invented the healthiest rhythms of work and rest. This is a graphic that I've used a lot this semester to give me some structure and direction in my Sabbaths.

Random Photos!

This is Katrina from my core. We both love boba and got to meet up over break!!

The most important thing that happens at staff meetings is playing with Jude.

Y'all recognize Taylor? She's out in Boston at Law School now but I got to snag some time with her while she was visiting.

It's never a dull moment, especially when we have to livestream TNF because we didn't have a room and there are cats everywhere!

My core does a "Puddle" (Prayer hUDDLE) after each core and Blue Belle always wants to be included.

I just want to say, I am so grateful for each of you. It is so encouraging knowing I have people who want to know about and be a part of this area of God's kingdom. You guys are a constant source of encouragement and support to me and I appreciate you being here. I'm praying for you and hope you're well. Love y'all!

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