Tuesday, October 13, 2020

September: Pizza and Friendship

    Here's how September went in ministry! Honestly, the days are blurring together and time is strange but God has been consistently showing up. Meeting with each of the girls in my peer team every week has been so encouraging. They are each learning what it means to surrender their whole lives to Jesus and to serve the people around them selflessly. 

    This is Mo (above). I have the pleasure of meeting with Mo every week. This is her first year being a corefa over at TWU and I have loved getting to know her and see her love her campus. She is learning so much about real friendship and has really started opening up to people. Mo has a deep love for Scripture and our conversations are so fun! She asks incredibly insightful questions and has an eagerness to face hard things. I've just been really grateful to become her friend! 
    And pretty much all of my one on ones with these girls are just as encouraging. A lot of September has just been building friendships with them. Each one is unique and so fun.

    This is Maddie (and Blue Belle of course)! Maddie and I lead a core together at TWU, so we spend a ton of time together. She is funny, sweet, and sassy and has become a really good friend to me. She's learning a lot about asking good questions, both with people and Scripture, and she's grown so much in each area. Maddie's grown up being pushed to be really safety-conscious because of some health issues. God has been leading her to see her identity outside of her health and to even sacrifice the safest option for the sake of others. She can get tired easily but still chooses to put herself in exhausting situations - what an encouragement! 

    And here's our core at Pizza Theology! Pizza Theology is an event we have every semester where we eat pizza and hear lectures about a deeper theological topic. This semester, we talked about how Christians can start developing helpful thoughts around the political world. We had some really insightful speakers share about their experiences and thought processes. They offered some helpful framework for approaching politics. One idea that has stuck with me is the difference between thinking in terms of power (What's the most effective or useful solution?) and thinking in terms of love (What's most loving for the people around me?). God is not always about efficiency and often does things in a roundabout way. Yet, I want to find the perfect solution in politics, the answer that will fix everything. If that's not what Jesus does, why do I try to do that? Definitely thought provoking!

    And here's a slightly blurry bonus picture of Blue Belle! Overall, it's been a super solid and encouraging month! Thank you guys for your prayers and support!

Love y'all!


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