Friday, March 1, 2019

February: Parents and Pizza

Hey, y'all! Okay, I know I said this last time but February really flew by too! 

Crystal, a corefa at UNT, sharing in Spanish how the Lord has changed her life through FOCUS.

First, we had Family Night a couple of weeks ago. You might remember, FNF (Friday Night Fellowship) is our weekly meeting for all the students to get together, worshipping God and fellowshipping with each other. Well, once a year, we move that service to a Saturday and all the students invite anyone they consider family to come see what our ministry is all about. The families then have a chance to share how they see God moving through this community and their student. It was just so sweet and powerful to hear from the people who know their kids best talk about how they've grown and changed in their time in college. 

Probably one of my favorite testimonies was about a girl I've been studying the Bible with this year, Shannon. Shannon's roommate from their freshman year, two years ago, shared about how quiet and lonely Shannon used to be. She talked about how she used to worry that Shannon didn't have friends. As the year went on, she saw Shannon really break out of her shell and make friends in FOCUS. Shannon joined a core that year but had a hard time getting through the Bible study, Focus on Jesus. Last year, she was in my core and was really warming up to people. She still struggled to let people in and dig into Scripture. But the Lord was softening her heart and teaching her to trust! Over the summer, she asked me to go through FoJ with her. Oh man, I was so excited and of course said yes! I loved getting to walk with her through Scripture to get a deeper view of Jesus! We just finished the ten-week study last week and I am so excited to see where the Lord takes her from here. Please join me in praying for Shannon and all the other students working through Bible studies across the metroplex! Pray for them to really encounter God through His Word and Spirit.

At the end of Pizza Theology, our speakers answered questions about Exodus and it's ramifications in our lives!
The other big event this month was Pizza Theology!, I've mentioned this a few times but Pizza Theology is a once-a-semester event where students gather to listen to speakers talk in depth about a particular topic - with a break for pizza in the middle. This semester, we delved into the book of Exodus. I think my biggest take away from the day was thinking about how meticulous God is with His people. He gives such detailed instructions for the building of the tabernacle as His dwelling place among the Israelites. Now, as individuals and the body of Christ together , we are the intended dwelling of God - how careful He is in creating us! 

A few other pictures!

We started a new series, called Pillow Talk, centered around honoring people and God in the midst of dating, singleness, and marriage

Playing games at outreach!

Ryan was just a little chilly at outreach one day.

Hanging out with the TWU gang is so much fun! Here we are playing Heads Up, that charades app game.

Ways to Pray:
- Pray for the students studying Focus on Jesus.
- Pray for our sermon series to help students think about how to honor people in their relationships as bearing the image of God.

Love y'all!

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  1. Hey Reagann! Thanks for the update. I love hearing Shannon's story. Often we expect people to follow a general pattern of getting involved in Christian community quickly and being ready to turn around and minister to others by the end of the school year. It's an encouraging reminder to hear about someone who took a little longer - just because she didn't change dramatically after her first encounter with Christian community doesn't mean she was a lost cause! With Jesus, there is always hope for growth. What a story!