Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer Update and Staff Retreat

My ministry apprenticeship has officially begun! This summer has been such an encouraging time as I've been preparing to jump into the school year. Here are a few glimpses into what's been going on!

The gorgeous view from the lodge we stayed at during retreat.

We started August off with a staff retreat out in McKinney/Whitewright area where our whole FOCUS staff (almost 40 people!) spent three days together. This included ministers from our Denton, Arlington, Collin, and Dallas teams. It was such a sweet time of getting to make friends, playing a ton of games, and just hearing about people's lives. If you've never tried a three-person piggy back ride...I'm not sure I would recommend it!

Our first attempt
These are some of my roommates as well as fellow Denton staff members. Brittany (middle) is an apprentice with me this year. We've been friends for over a year now so I'm super excited to get to live and work with her! Kristen (top) did her apprenticeship last year and is staying on staff. She was actually one of the first people I met in FOCUS and we've lived together going on three years now. Getting to work with both of these girls is going to be so fun!

Retreat really was so incredible! I felt loved and supported by the apprentices and senior (non-apprentice) staff. Let me tell you, I'm getting to work with some funny people! Fun fact: I'm really awful at games where I have to improvise or lie but I did win a game of One Night Werewolf all by myself! Werewolf is a role playing card game where you try to survive either on the civilian team or werewolf team. I was on the werewolf team so I had to lie about my card and somehow people believed me! But man, was I sweating that one out!

This is the biggest game of One Night Werewolf I've ever played.

We broke away from the lodge for a quick excursion to the local shaved ice stand. FYI, I love wedding cake shaved ice.

Before we left for retreat, the apprentices had our orientation and snapped a pic. We were on information overload at this point! 

Most of my summer was centered around fundraising and God has provided in some really big ways! I am currently 98% funded, which is a huge deal! As most of you know, I'm raising my own support so I can work full time with FOCUS and still afford my living expenses. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed and encouraged me along the way. I really do see everyone on my financial or prayer team as partnering with me in campus ministry. You are a huge part of what God is doing on these college campuses.
A couple of notes: 
If you are on my financial support team and were waiting to set up your support, now is a great time to do that! Please reach out if you have any questions about that!

Also, I am still looking to raise about $50/mo so if you know anyone who might like to join my team, please let me know!

Looking Forward
I'll be starting the Old testament class today. I've never actually read through all of the Old Testament before so I'm very much looking forward to digging in and seeing what God will do in my own heart and mind.
In a couple of weeks, freshman will be moving in and getting acquainted with the campus during welcome week. This is a big time for our ministry to meet a lot of students and start building friendships. We will be on campus the majority of the week, inviting people into community. This is such an exciting time but can be really exhausting for our students who put in so much effort into loving our campus. I'm very much looking forward to this week and what God is going to do to set us up for the rest of the year!

Things to be praying for:
- The students who are getting ready to start the semester. Pray that God would be working in their hearts now to have a deep desire for Him, whether they know Him or not.
- That I will get fully funded by the end of this week.
- Our student leader team to be pumped and excited for the year
- Welcome week to be fruitful

Here's a student's testimony. Pita is actually one of my good friends and attends NCTC, one of our Denton campuses.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my life and this ministry. Your support and encouragement means a ton to me!

- Reagann Keller
FOCUS campus minister

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  1. Hey Reagann! I'm so glad you are an apprentice this year. Thanks for sharing what's been going on with you so far! Although I'm not sure it's a good thing that you practiced lying and deception while playing Werewolf at staff retreat :)
    Keep your mind open and alert as you are going through your Old Testament class these next few weeks; there is so much to learn, and I know God will use that time to grow you.
    Love you!!